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Ho Jin 진호

– Position: Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University
– Major Field: Astronomical instrumentation, Space payload, Variable star
– Ph.D: Kyung Hee University (2004)
– Brief Record: Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)
– E-mail: benho@khu.ac.kr
– Room: #601-4, College of Applied Science

Jongho Seon 선종호

– Position: Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University
– Major Field: Experimental Space Plasma, Plasma Propulsion
– Ph.D: University of Iowa (1996)
– Brief Record: R&D Center, Satrec Initiative
– E-mail: jhseon@khu.ac.kr
– Room: #536, College of Applied Science

 Kyu-Sung Chae 채규성

– Position: Research Professor, Kyung Hee University
– Major Field: Communication Electronics, MMIC, Analog Electronics
– Ph.D: Kyung Hee University (2007)
– Brief Record: Post Doctoral Researcher, Kyung Hee University
– E-mail: kschae@khu.ac.kr
– Room: B102, Kyung Hee Astronomical Observatory

Go-woon Na 나고운

– Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Kyung Hee University
– Major Field: Langmuir probes, High energy particle detector
– Ph.D: Ehwa Womans University (2016)
– E-mail: gwna@khu.ac.kr
– Room: 209, Kyung Hee Astronomical Observatory


Dukhang Lee 이덕행

– Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Kyung Hee University
– Major Field: Spacecraft thermal analysis, Dust radiative transfer simulation
– Ph.D: University of Science and Technology (2017)
– Brief Record: Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI)
– E-mail: lee.dukhang@khu.ac.kr
– Room: 109, Kyung Hee Astronomical Observatory


Graduate Student

Yongmyung Seo 서용명
PhD Student


Plasma particle detector

Jung-Kyu Lee 이정규
PhD Student


Electrical engineering, High voltage power supply, Lunar magnetism

Yuchul Shin 신유철
PhD Student


Detector performance analysis, Particle simulation of detector, Product Assurance

Seongwhan Lee 이성환
MS & PhD Student


Mechanical design, AIT, Structural analysis, Environment tests, Space object tracking

Ju Woo 우주
MS & PhD Student


Mechanical design, Thermal design and analysis, Environment tests

Jiwon Yoon 윤지원
MS & PhD Student


Software engineering

Youngseok Oh 오영석
PhD Student


Space situational awareness, Optical observation, Data analysis, Characteristics  and risk analysis of astronomical objects

Hyojeong Lee 이효정
MS & PhD Student


Communication system, Ground station, Lunar magnetism, Harness

Jehyuck Shin 신재혁
PhD Studentjh


Magnetosphere research, Power system and Budget analysis, Search coil magnetometer

Woohyeong Seol 설우형
MS Student


Front-end electronics

Chanhaeng Lee 이찬행

MS Student


Space-payload operating test, Particle detector development & calibration

Chaean Lee 이채안
MS Student


VHDL engineering

Sungmin Pak 박성민
MS Student


Particle simulation

Mangyu Lee 이만규
MS Student


Mechanical design

Seungah Lee 이승아
MS Student


Electrical engineering, magnetometer winding

Hun Lee 이훈
MS Student


Mechanical design


Undergraduate Student

Sihyung Lee 이시형


Electrical engineering

Miri Jeong 정미리


CubeSat Survey

Dasom Jeon 전다솜


Search-coil winding



  Yongseok Lee 이용석

mail: yongseoklee@khu.ac.kr
Current: Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute(KASI)

Taeyeon Kim 김태연

mail: taeyeon@khu.ac.kr
Current: Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Jinkyu Kim 김진규

mail: jinkyukim@khu.ac.kr
Current: Warpvision Inc.

  Yongho Kim 김용호

mail: gemblerz@khu.ac.kr
Current: Purdue University

Nayoung Yoon 윤나영

mail: nayoungss@khu.ac.kr
Current: General Motors(GM) Korea

Seongha Park 박성하

mail: atmosphere_1@khu.ac.kr
Current: Purdue University

Seyoung Yoon 윤세영

mail: zerosp@khu.ac.kr
Current: Satrec-initiative

Jeheon Jeon 전제헌

mail: jeonjeh@khu.ac.kr
Current: Hanhwa Co.

Jaegun Yoo 유제건

mail: jaegunsd@khu.ac.kr
Current: LIG Nex 1

Jongho Jeon 전종호

mail: jhjeon@khu.ac.kr
Current: University of Science and Technology(UST)

Juhee Lim 임주희

mail: juheelim@khu.ac.kr
Current: Yonsei University

Kanghoon Kum 금강훈

mail: kahn0212@khu.ac.kr
Current: LS Mtron Ltd.

Jungho Lee 이정호

mail: overtherwater@khu.ac.kr
Current: Invenio Co.

Seonyeong Jeong 정선영

mail: jeongsy@khu.ac.kr
Current: Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology(KIOST)