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Short NEWS

khusat, August 20, 2016

Kyung Hee Reaches For the Moon in 2018 Kyung Hee University is developing two of the four scientific instrument units onboard the "eXperimental Lunar Orbiter (XLO)" set to launch in 2018, the first spacecraft to orbit the moon in the history of Korean space exploration. The instrument units under development are a wide area polarized camera and a lunar magnetometer.

khusat, April 15, 2016

KHUSAT-03(SIGMA) ISL ActivitiesFinal check and Integration 12~13 Apr 2016 Following preparatory activities, including a teams meeting, a cleanroom briefing and equipment cleaning, the KHUSAT-03 team entered ISL’s cleanroom on Monday 11 April 2016. We set up our working station with the needed equipment after which KHUSAT-03, which up to then had been safely stored in ISL’s part of ISIS’ clean-room, was retrieved from its transport-case and final check-out activities were successfully performed.

khusat, March 18, 2016

ITU ProcessITU Registration Notification 15.03.

khusat, November 13, 2015

FM KHUSAT-03(SIGMA) Vibration TestFM KHUSAT-03 Vibration Test @SaTReC 11~12 Nov 2015 X, Y, Z axis(BRF) Low level sine sweep Amplitude: 0.4 g Frequency range: 5 -2000 Hz Sweep Rate: 2 oct/min Random vibration 20, 50, 800, 2000 Hz, 0.013, 0.08, 0.08, 0.013 g2/Hz RMS acceleration: 10.0 g Duration: 60 sec/axis * by SpaceX Falcon-9 v1.1 requirments Test Result Document SPD 10006  - FM Vibration Testing.

khusat, October 23, 2015

FM KHUSAT-03(SIGMA) Thermal Vacuum TestFM KHUSAT-03 Thermal Vacuum Test(T-VAC) @SaTReC 22~23 Oct 2015 Runtime: 30 hrs # of Cycles: 2 Temperature: -25 ~ 40 °C Soak Time: 2 hrs We had been carried out T-VAC test of KHUSAT-03 for simulating the extreme thermal environment. Flight Model (FM) was used for the test. The number of cycle was two and target temperature was -25 to 40°C in 10-4 torr or less. We checked the status of FM KHUSAT-03 in console mode by receiving housekeeping(HSK) data.

khusat, November 26, 2014

The end, CINEMA mission CINEMA communication shutdown at 28th. Nov. 2014 .