• CINEMA Electronics
  • KHUSAT-03 Final Check and Integration
  • KHUSAT-03 Vibration Test
  • KHGS 2X727 Radio Antenna
  • 30 inches Telescope
  • Kyung Hee Astronomical Observatory(KHAO)


KHUSAT-03(SIGMA) ISL Activities

Final check and Integration

12~13 Apr 2016

Following preparatory activities, including a teams meeting, a cleanroom briefing and equipment cleaning, the KHUSAT-03 team entered ISL’s cleanroom on Monday 11 April 2016.


We set up our working station with the needed equipment after which KHUSAT-03, which up to then had been safely stored in ISL’s part of ISIS’ clean-room, was retrieved from its transport-case and final check-out activities were successfully performed.


Test Procedure: SPD 1001 – SIGMA(KHUSAT-03) Function Test.pdf

You can also check updates of launch information http://blog.isilaunch.com/


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FM KHUSAT-03(SIGMA) Vibration Test

FM KHUSAT-03 Vibration Test @SaTReC

11~12 Nov 2015

  • X, Y, Z axis(BRF)
  • Low level sine sweep
    • Amplitude: 0.4 g
    • Frequency range: 5 -2000 Hz
    • Sweep Rate: 2 oct/min
  • Random vibration
    • 20, 50, 800, 2000 Hz, 0.013, 0.08, 0.08, 0.013 g2/Hz
    • RMS acceleration: 10.0 g
    • Duration: 60 sec/axis

* by SpaceX Falcon-9 v1.1 requirments

Test Result Document
SPD 10006  - FM Vibration Testing.pdf


IMG_94481 IMG_94111 IMG_94631

Low level sine sweep vibration – FM KHUSAT-03 Y-axis


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FM KHUSAT-03(SIGMA) Thermal Vacuum Test

FM KHUSAT-03 Thermal Vacuum Test(T-VAC) @SaTReC

22~23 Oct 2015

  • Runtime: 30 hrs
  • # of Cycles: 2
  • Temperature: -25 ~ 40 °C
  • Soak Time: 2 hrs

We had been carried out T-VAC test of KHUSAT-03 for simulating the extreme thermal environment. Flight Model (FM) was used for the test. The number of cycle was two and target temperature was -25 to 40°C in 10-4 torr or less. We checked the status of FM KHUSAT-03 in console mode by receiving housekeeping(HSK) data. In this test, we are able to confirm the reliability of an operation for KHUSAT-03 in space environment.

Test Result Document
SPD 10005 – FM KHUSAT-03 Thermal Vacuum Testing



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The end, CINEMA mission


CINEMA communication shutdown at 28th. Nov. 2014 .


1) Mission overview

TRIO (TRiplet Ionospheric Observatory) – CINEMA (CubeSat for Ion, Neutral, Electron, MAgnetic fields):

CINEMA is an international nanosatellite science mission of cooperative university institutions with the objective to provide critical space weather measurements, including unique high sensitivity mapping of ENAs (Energetic Neutral Atoms), and high cadence movies of ring current ENAs in stereo from low Earth orbit. By the selection of its sensor complement, the mission will pave the way for “magnetospheric constellations” with many satellites making multipoint observations. The project emphasizes student involvement with guidance by experienced engineers and scientists. The implementation of the project is realized using a combination of flight heritage and innovation that balances risk and safety. CINEMA is a triple CubeSat (3U) science mission of the following collaborating institutions (CINEMA consortium): SSR/KHU(School of Space Research/Kyung Hee University, Korea), SSL/UCB(Space Sciences Lab./University of California, Berekeley, CA) and ICL(Imperial College London). Within the CINEMA program, KHU and UCB will develop and fly three identical CINEMA nanosatellites, the constellation is referred to as TRIO-CINEMA (Triplet Ionospheric Observatory-CINEMA) to provide stereo ENA imaging of the ring current.


2) CubeSat


  • Size: 100 mm x 100 mm x 340.5 mm (3U),
  • Mass: 3.15 kg
  • Payloads:
    • STEIN (SupraThermal Electron, Ion and Neutral)
    • MAGIC (MAGnetometer from Imperial College)
  • Launch: 2013.11.21, Yasni, Orenburg Oblast, Russia (L/V: Dnepr)
  • Orbit: Sun-Synchronous Orbit, Inclination: 97°

3) Ground Station

KHUGS (Command / Receive)

KASI (Receive only)

4) Operation Issue

In case of KHUSAT-02, it might be operating(KHUSAT-01 is comfirmed) but can not receive data at KHUGS. We guessed there are attitude and spin axis problems of the CubeSat. KHUSAT-01 and KHUSAT-02, both CubeSats had not response to telecommand. There are some treatment below what we did.

  • Attempt shift Telecommand within ±50 KHz of center frequency /Jan 2014
  • Verification of GS(UHF uplink) by OSCAR /Feb 2014
  • Change the Helical antenna (LHCP, 9.8 dBi) to Yagi antenna (Linear, 23.9 dBi) /May 2014
  • Change the high-powered amp. /Jun 2014

5) Operation result (2014.11.21)

  • Telecommand attempt: 289 pass / 143 days (KHUSAT-01: 247 pass, KHUSAT-02: 42 pass)
  • Beacon signal: 114 pass / 81 days (The KHUSAT-01 was contact with KHUGS and KASI and the KHUSAT-02 was contact with the King Sejong station(5 pass) and KASI(1 pass)
  • Realtime received data:  93.99 MB, total 71.2 GB
  • Effective data: De-coded data – 134.09 MB (109,931 Frame) Effective data – 45.22 MB (43,185 Beacon Frame, Effective data=De-coded data-Dummy frame) 



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2014.05.12 – 16

SIGMA team performed basic communication test with ACS board and On-Board Computer. The  students of York University(CA) visit KHU for the test. We check the status of On-Board Computer-ACS and some agenda of the subsystem.

Thanks to Patrick, Thomas, Andrew and Prof. Regina Lee.

10446733_669274699824880_7983772336582739002_n 9273_669273493158334_8593002819284930247_n 10523345_669273396491677_8361744737829698797_n

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