The end, CINEMA mission


CINEMA communication shutdown at 28th. Nov. 2014 .


1) Mission overview

TRIO (TRiplet Ionospheric Observatory) – CINEMA (CubeSat for Ion, Neutral, Electron, MAgnetic fields):

CINEMA is an international nanosatellite science mission of cooperative university institutions with the objective to provide critical space weather measurements, including unique high sensitivity mapping of ENAs (Energetic Neutral Atoms), and high cadence movies of ring current ENAs in stereo from low Earth orbit. By the selection of its sensor complement, the mission will pave the way for “magnetospheric constellations” with many satellites making multipoint observations. The project emphasizes student involvement with guidance by experienced engineers and scientists. The implementation of the project is realized using a combination of flight heritage and innovation that balances risk and safety. CINEMA is a triple CubeSat (3U) science mission of the following collaborating institutions (CINEMA consortium): SSR/KHU(School of Space Research/Kyung Hee University, Korea), SSL/UCB(Space Sciences Lab./University of California, Berekeley, CA) and ICL(Imperial College London). Within the CINEMA program, KHU and UCB will develop and fly three identical CINEMA nanosatellites, the constellation is referred to as TRIO-CINEMA (Triplet Ionospheric Observatory-CINEMA) to provide stereo ENA imaging of the ring current.


2) CubeSat


  • Size: 100 mm x 100 mm x 340.5 mm (3U),
  • Mass: 3.15 kg
  • Payloads:
    • STEIN (SupraThermal Electron, Ion and Neutral)
    • MAGIC (MAGnetometer from Imperial College)
  • Launch: 2013.11.21, Yasni, Orenburg Oblast, Russia (L/V: Dnepr)
  • Orbit: Sun-Synchronous Orbit, Inclination: 97°

3) Ground Station

KHUGS (Command / Receive)

KASI (Receive only)

4) Operation Issue

In case of KHUSAT-02, it might be operating(KHUSAT-01 is comfirmed) but can not receive data at KHUGS. We guessed there are attitude and spin axis problems of the CubeSat. KHUSAT-01 and KHUSAT-02, both CubeSats had not response to telecommand. There are some treatment below what we did.

  • Attempt shift Telecommand within ±50 KHz of center frequency /Jan 2014
  • Verification of GS(UHF uplink) by OSCAR /Feb 2014
  • Change the Helical antenna (LHCP, 9.8 dBi) to Yagi antenna (Linear, 23.9 dBi) /May 2014
  • Change the high-powered amp. /Jun 2014

5) Operation result (2014.11.21)

  • Telecommand attempt: 289 pass / 143 days (KHUSAT-01: 247 pass, KHUSAT-02: 42 pass)
  • Beacon signal: 114 pass / 81 days (The KHUSAT-01 was contact with KHUGS and KASI and the KHUSAT-02 was contact with the King Sejong station(5 pass) and KASI(1 pass)
  • Realtime received data:  93.99 MB, total 71.2 GB
  • Effective data: De-coded data – 134.09 MB (109,931 Frame) Effective data – 45.22 MB (43,185 Beacon Frame, Effective data=De-coded data-Dummy frame)