FM KHUSAT-03(SIGMA) Thermal Vacuum Test

FM KHUSAT-03 Thermal Vacuum Test(T-VAC) @SaTReC

22~23 Oct 2015

  • Runtime: 30 hrs
  • # of Cycles: 2
  • Temperature: -25 ~ 40 °C
  • Soak Time: 2 hrs

We had been carried out T-VAC test of KHUSAT-03 for simulating the extreme thermal environment. Flight Model (FM) was used for the test. The number of cycle was two and target temperature was -25 to 40°C in 10-4 torr or less. We checked the status of FM KHUSAT-03 in console mode by receiving housekeeping(HSK) data. In this test, we are able to confirm the reliability of an operation for KHUSAT-03 in space environment.

Test Result Document
SPD 10005 – FM KHUSAT-03 Thermal Vacuum Testing